How to Care for Your Baseball Cleats

Baseball Cleats

If you are a baseball player, you understand how important your cleats are. For more about baseball cleats, check out this post. Playing around the diamond could get your cleats dirty. The dirt could be mud or even turf. Your cleats are usually subjected to stress that can wear them out if no proper care is done.

If you are worried of how you are going to care of your cleats, this article is meant for you. Don’t worry anymore. This article will guide you through on how to take care of your cleats.

The main and most important tip when taking care of your cleats is to know how to clean them. The following are the tips that will guide you on how to clean your cleats.

  • Shake off the mud out of your Baseball cleats by clapping them together
  • After spending some time running around the diamond, your cleats will be muddy. Hold the Baseball cleats on both hands and clap them together. This will help remove the mud and the sand from both the outer parts and the inner parts.

  • Soak in water to dissolve dirt
  • For about 5-7 minutes, soak your Baseball cleats in clean warm water. Avoid hot water as your beloved cleats might get damaged. Make sure that the cleats are fully submerged into the water.

  • Use a scrubbing brush to clean the cleats
  • Using your scrubbing brush, rub your cleats to remove the dissolved dirt.

  • Dunk in warm water
  • After scrubbing, submerge the cleats briefly in the warm water. This helps to remove the dirt that was scrubbed off.

    Repeat number 3 and 4 until you achieve your desire results. When washing, always remove the laces and clean them separately. Re-lace your Baseball cleats after they have dried up.

    Other tips to take care of your cleats

  • 1. Keep off gym socks
  • Gym socks are usually heavy and are recommended for sneakers. When worn with Baseball cleats, they may stretch them and keep your cleats out of shape. Wear the normal socks if you want your cleat to have a long life.

  • 2. Extra laces
  • Extra laces are important and come in handy when the current ones are getting old and worn-out. Always carry an extra pair of laces just in case you might need them in the middle of the game.

  • 3. Extra Baseball cleats
  • One pair of shoes will not serve you for long. Buy an extra pair of cleats that you can use for training. Preferably, purchase the one with rubber buttons and preserve the one with metal spike for major games.

  • 4. Insert shoe trees
  • Shoe trees help to maintain the shape of your fit and the shape of your Baseball cleats. After cleaning them, endeavor to insert a pair of shoe trees.

  • 5. Saddle soap your cleats
  • If your cleats are made of leather, always saddle soap the cleats before you store them at the end of the season. Make sure you saddle soap your spikes twice during the season.

    Serious baseball players know how to take care of their cleats. Be different and learn how to take care of your cleats.