New York Yankees Prospects M - Z

Some players who wore the pinstripes but never appeared in a game
* Played in the majors with other teams

Jason Maas, Outfield

Brian & Bruce MacKenzie, Catcher & Pitcher

Billy Madden, Catcher

Warner Madrigal, Pitcher

George Maier, Pitcher

Katsuhiro Maeda, Pitcher

John Malangone, Catcher with Mickey Cochrane & Bill Dickey

John Maldover, Pitcher

Charlie Manning, Pitcher

Roy & Ray Mantle, Outfield

Rich Marcy, Pitcher

*Luis Marquez, Outfield

Carlos Martinez, Shortstop

Gabby Martinez, Shortstop

Joe Marty, Pitcher

*Bob Martyn, Outfield

Billy Masse, Outfield

Mike Mathieson, Third Base

*Carmen Mauro, Outfield

Justin Maxwell, Outfield

*Pinky May, Third Base

Zach McAllister, Pitcher

*Johnny McCarthy, First Base

*Willie McGee, Outfield

*Scott McGregor, Pitcher

Ryan McGuire, First Base

*Jack McMahan, Pitcher

Rufus Meadows, Pitcher

Neil Medchill, Outfield

Gabriel Medina, Pitcher

Rafael Medina, Pitcher

Brad Meyers, Pitcher

Don Miller, Pitcher

Kevin Millwood, Pitcher

Eric Milton, Pitcher

John Moore, Pitcher

Willie Moore, First Base

Emil Moscowitz, Pitcher

Julio Mosquera, Catcher

Lyle Mouton, Outfield

Luke Murton, First Base

Jim Musselwhite, Pitcher

Jose Musset, Pitcher

Ronnier Mustelier, Outfield

*Cal Neeman, Catcher

*Johnny Niggeling, Pitcher

*Otis Nixon, Outfield

Walter Nowak, First Base & Outfield

Pete O'Brien, Catcher

Bill Olsen, Pitcher

Jim O'Reilly, Pitcher

*John Orsino, Catcher

William Chink Outen, Catcher

Lem Owen, Pitcher

Joe Pactwa, Pitcher

Gene Padberg, Pitcher

Tom Paddon, Catcher

*Phil Page, Pitcher

*Tom Pagnozzi, Catcher & First Base

Jordan Parraz, Outfield

David Parrish, Catcher

Roy Partee, Catcher

Wily Mo Pena, Outfield

Max Peterson, Pitcher

Heath Phillips, Pitcher

*Al Piechota, Pitcher

Jim Pignatello, Pitcher

Gerry Pirtle, Pitcher

*Lou Polli, Pitcher

Ryan Pope, Pitcher

*Dick Porter, Pitcher

Jim Post, Pitcher

*Vic Power, First Base

*Les Powers, First Base

Todd Pratt, Catcher

*Mark Prior, Pitcher

Braedyn Pruitt, Second Base

Elvys Quezada, Pitcher

Ramon Ramirez, Pitcher

*Merritt Ranew, Catcher

Darren Reed, Outfield

*Tommy Reis, Pitcher

Angel Reyes, Pitcher

Ray Ricken, Pitcher

Ed Ricks, Pitcher

Bob Riesner, Pitcher

Mike Rivera, Catcher

*Curt Roberts, Second Base

*Jim Robertson, Catcher

John Rodriguez, Outfield

Brian Rogers, Pitcher

Adam Roller, Pitcher

Scott Romano, Third Base

Luis Romero, First Base

Jim Rooker, Pitcher

*Max Rosenfeld, Outfield

Jerry Rub, Pitcher

Jim Russell, Pitcher

Gary Sanchez, Catcher

Dick Sanders, Third Base

F.P. Santangelo, Utility

Omir Santos, Catcher

John Schroeppel, Pitcher, with Whitey Ford

Monroe Schwartz, Pitcher

*Mickey Scott, Pitcher

Tate Seefried, First Base

Rob Sepanek, First Base

Rudy Serrett, Pitcher

Ben Shaw, First Base

Scott Shaw, Third Base

Ray Shearer, Outfield

John Sheehan, Pitcher

David Shepard, Pitcher

George Shoemaker, Pitcher

Edwardo Sierra, Pitcher

Mark Silva, Pitcher

Andy Sisco, Pitcher

*Lou Sleator, Pitcher

*Hal Smith, Catcher

Willie Smith, Pitcher

Ron Solomini, Outfield

Miguel Sosa, Second Base

Mike Sosa, Unknown

Dale Spier, Pitcher

Jon-Mark Sprowl, Utility

Scott Standish, Pitcher

*Bill Steinecke, Pitcher

Jason Stephens, Pitcher

J.T. Stotts, Utility

Joe Styborski, Pitcher

Bradley Suttle, Third Base

Jose Tabata, Outfield

Pat Tabler, First Base

Brien Taylor, Pitcher

Bob Tecarr, Pitcher

Ferdin Tejeda, Shortstop & Pitcher

Kanekoa Texeira, Pitcher

Fay Thomas, Pitcher

*Leo Thomas, Third Base

*Gary Timberlake, Pitcher

Aris Tirado, Pitcher

Ricky Torres, Pitcher

Fred Tolivar, Pitcher

Chet Trail, Infield

*Ollie Tucker, Outfield

Nik Turley, Pitcher

Shane Turner, Third Base

Rich Turrentine, Pitcher

Daniel Turpin, Pitcher

*Tom Umphlett, Outfield

*Tom Upton, Shortstop

*Jack Urban, Pitcher

*Luke Urban, Catcher

Jose Valdez, Pitcher

Floyd Van Pelt, Pitcher

Gil Velazquez, Shortstop

Jorge Vasquez, First Base

Pat Venditte, Pitcher

Lou Vickery, Pitcher

Jose Vidal, Outfield

Arodys Vizcaino, Pitcher

David Walling, Pitcher

Ed Walsh, Jr., Pitcher

Jon Weber, Outfield

Jamie Werly, Pitcher

Herbert White, Catcher

Steven White, Pitcher

*Ted Wieand, Pitcher

Scott Wiggins, Pitcher

Luke Wilcox, Outfield

Greg Wilde, Pitcher with Whitey Ford

Al Williams, Pitcher

*Dick Williams, HOF, Almost Manager 1973

Mason Williams, Outfield

*Shad Williams, Pitcher

*Whitey Wilshere, Pitcher

Tom Wilson, Catcher

*Matt Winters, Outfield

Eric Wordekemper, Pitcher

Chris Woodward, Utility

*Babe Young, First Base

Dale Ziegler, Pitcher

Ryan Zink, Pitcher

*Marion Bud Zipfel, First Base & Outfield

Jon Zuber, Utility